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I’ve specialised in marketing communications for 25 years now, following a Masters Degree in Marketing. For a lot of that time I’ve worked in agencies. I consider myself lucky to have been able to play a role in so many real-world examples of what captured my imagination all those years ago. And I feel I’ve now had the first-hand experience to go with all that wonderful theory.

My career has included brand positioning and messaging, brand strategy, identity, FMCG packaging, advertising, and all sorts of print materials, websites of varying sizes, email marketing, video and animation and large integrated campaigns involving lots of the above all at the same time… you get my point. Along the way I’ve worked with the biggest and smallest of clients in a catalogue of sectors, private and public, and on projects as varied as you’d like to imagine. I’ve also had experience of things on the other side of the fence as a Director of Communications and have chalked up two previous occasions of being self-employed.

There are some fundamental principles that can make or break our communications initiatives, no matter the size, scope and budget. My purpose now is sharing them with people. My skills are a mix of analytical and creative. My focus is very much on the message, which is why the first sentence on my website is “What’s it all about?”.  I love helping people find the real value in what they do and tell their story.

What I find so exciting (and crucial to providing genuine value to your business) is that what I do is never the same twice. Your brand, message, story and content are going to be unique. Where I can help depends on where you are on your journey and what you are trying to achieve. Whatever it is, I would be privileged to have the chance to help you achieve it. I am highly versatile and I bring no preconceptions. What I do bring is a lot of energy and a real enthusiasm to understand you.