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Organisational development – helping organisations regain their flow

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Brand messaging & value propositions | Website structure and copy | Blog articles | Social content.

Emma Carroll, Founder & Director:

“Matt has been really helpful in identifying our unique selling points in a crowded market space. He is very skilled at asking the right questions that pull out the value in what you do to meet the B2B market. He gets large scale organisations – our customers – and can translate our message in a way that is attractive and that gets their attention. Not only is he skilled at messaging, he has a flair for writing copy that disrupts the market so we stand out.

Matt has been an integral part of our growth this year and we see him as a long term feature in our company to take us to where we want to be. For me as a business owner trying to sell my services, I would not otherwise have been able to make the transition from ‘trainer’ to ‘business owner’ as he gave me belief in my own company and what it can achieve. He thinks big and helps you to behave big!"

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Networking and business community

What they do

What I did

Brand messaging | Copywriting

Paul James, Founder:

"This is the first time I have commissioned Matt, and it will not be the last. His approach to understanding my business was quite remarkable. The work produced was everything inside my head that I simply could not get down on paper. Thanks again Matt, the material composed was beyond my expectations and I would consider your services one of the best investments I could have made for my business."

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What I did

Brand messaging and value propositions | Product positioning | Online advertising.

Rachel Shilston, Founder:

“Matt takes the time to really understand the essence of your business. With his expertise, he was able to draw out the value in my business and articulate it in a clear way for me to understand. It was everything I knew I aim to do but he was able to set it out as well-defined value propositions that now set the foundations of the business and brand.


He has gone on to conduct market research to discover how I sit against my competitors, provided a clear messaging strategy to target my ideal customers, a review of the website and a communications strategy for social media advertising. I am using his editorial themes and messaging in my Facebook posts and blog articles.


All these activities have been essential to ensure that my systems are in place and I am much clearer about my vision and brand.”

Inspiring creativity through mosaic craft workshops and mosaic kits.

What they do


What I did

Brand messaging & value propositions | Website restructure and copy.

Martin Firman, Founder:

“I first met Matt at a networking event, where we agreed to meet up over a coffee and explore how we might help each other. During the course of that subsequent meeting it was very clear that Matt had done a lot of preparation in order that he could, without any obligation, provide me with some very comprehensive advice and ideas which I could quite easily have taken away and to some degree implemented myself.

Quite frankly it quickly turned into the best ‘free consultation’ I have ever experienced. In that short space of time he helped me see my business very differently whilst exciting and inspiring me at the same time, after an hour I openly said that I wanted to commission him to implement his ideas and apply his expertise to my business personally.

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What they do

The only provider of independently validated and moderated reviews and case studies for your website and marketing.

The project involved a review and adjustments to our branding, core values and our communication etc via our website and beyond. He worked with enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism throughout, he listened and cared about the outcomes, which from my point of view were outstanding.

All in all he was a joy to work with and I would recommend him and his services without hesitation.”